Malvern Panalytical Viscosizer TD

Malvern Viscosizer TD is an automated biophysical characterization tool utilizing Taylor Dispersion Analysis

PAC ViscoPro 2100

Process Viscometer. Robust, Accurate, Real-time Viscosity Measurement

AMETEK Brookfield PV100

Process Viscometer For In-Line or Immersion System Applications

AMETEK Brookfield DV1

Continuous sensing Digital Viscometer now with timed measurement function

Fungilab Cannon-Fenske Opaque

ASTM D-445-446, ASTM D2515, ISO 3104-3105 and UNE 400313 Cannon-Fenske Opaque Viscometers (reverse flow type) are used for dark Newtonian liquids;

Series Models: Size 25, Size 50, Size 75, Size 100, Size 150, Size 200, Size 300, Size 350, Size 400, Size 450, Size 500, Size 600

Fungilab Ubbelohde

These FUNGILAB glass capillary viscometers allow to determine viscosities using ASTM and DIN testing methods. All capillary viscometers are supplied

Series Models: ASTM Size 0, ASTM Size 0C, ASTM Size 0B, ASTM Size 1, ASTM Size 1C, ASTM Size 1B, ASTM Size 2, ASTM Size 2C, ASTM Size 2B, ASTM Size 3, ASTM Size 3C, ASTM Size 3B, ASTM Size 4, ASTM Size 4C, ASTM Size 4B, ASTM Size 5, DIN Size 0, DIN Size 0c, DIN Size 0a, DIN Size I, DIN Size Ic, DIN Size Ia, DIN Size II, DIN Size IIc, DIN Size IIa, DIN Size III, DIN Size IIIc, DIN Size IIIa, DIN Size IV, DIN Size IVc, DIN Size IVa

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Rheomat is not discontinued !

Dear Ladies and Gents,you can get brand new RM 180 Rheomat instruments at: www.Kassecker.comInstruments are not refurbished they are brand new...

RM180 Rheomat

Do you know where i could get this model repaired in Australia or Asia

Control viscometer from Linux / non windows

All the viscometers I have seen can only be controlled from Windows. All I need is to send a 'start' command of a default setting and receive...


Instrument gives a message every time when a sample is imputed. Message will read "determination no.1 and will say refill and press start"

how to mclean the machine when it has been blogged by dirty

how to mclean the machine when it has been blogged by dirty  especially how to open it and what safety procedures should i consider?

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