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EPPENDORF HEF Upright Freezers
EPPENDORF HEF Upright Freezers

HEF Freezers minimize operating costs while providing superior protection for your critical samples. They reduce energy consumption by up to 59% when compared to other models.

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Panasonic MPR-721 and MPR-721R
Panasonic MPR-721 and MPR-721R

Stable and reliable refrigerated environment for exacting laboratory requirements. Ideal temperature environment for clinical research, pharmaceutical and industrial use.

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Danfoss T-series

T-series compressors

Series Models: 195B0290/292

Panasonic SRR-23GD MED

23 cu. ft. General Purpose Laboratory Refrigeration

Thermo Scientific Revco REL Series

Revco General Purpose Refrigerators

Series Models: REL-404, REL-1204, REL-2304, REL-3004, REL-4504, REL-5004, REL-7504

Panasonic SRR-49GD MED

40 cu. ft. General Purpose Laboratory Refrigeration

Panasonic MPR Series

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Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer

Series Models: MPR-414F, MPR-215F, MPR-715F

Panasonic SRR-72GD MED

61 cu. ft. General Purpose Laboratory Refrigeration

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Refrigerator door gasket

Hi, I am looking for the door gasket for a refrigerator, model # SRR49GD.  I appreciate your help.  Danette

lab refrigerator

lab refrigerator thermo fischer , the compressor did not turn on we replaced the board the compressor is on but now there is no cool air blowing out...

How to adjust temp on model 6CADM

I do I change the temperature setting or unlock temperature controller. I have subject model refridgerator that has electronic temperature controller...

new bottle for probe

How do I order a new bottle for the probe?

new bottle for probe

How do I order a new bottle for the probe?

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