PHCBi MPR Series

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Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer

Series Models: MPR-414F, MPR-215F, MPR-715F

So-Low Explosion Proof Refrigerators (Manual Defrost)

Hazardous Location Refrigerators and Freezers are designed to meet National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and OSHA guidelines for the refrigerated

Series Models: DHH4-14SDRX, DHH4-17SDRX, MV4-6UCXR

So-Low Flammable Material Storage (Refrigerators)

Our Flammable Refrigerators and Freezers are desinged to meet National Fire Protection Agency NFPA and OSHA guidelines for the refrigerated storage

Series Models: MV4-6UCFMSR, DHH4-14SDFMS, DHH4-17SDFMS

So-Low Undercounter Refrigerators

Manufactured with durable commercial grade construction, So-Low Undercounter Freezers and Refrigerators cool quickly and efficiently to avoid


So-Low Economy Laboratory Refrigerators

Our complete line of laboratory and pharmacy refrigerators provide the reliability and security essential for the protection of sensitive lab samples

Series Models: DHK4-10GD, DHK4-10SD

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On our Panasonic SR-L6111W medical refrigerator an alarm goes off every 30 minutes or so.  I've leveld the fridge but the red door light...

Adjust temp setting?

Hello, I'm trying to find the controll board so that I can adjust the set point.  Please advise. Thank you.

Communication with MPR-1411

We want to add data recording to several of these units, but do not see any com ports in the control panel, and have had no luck getting information...


anyone have the calibration process?

Error F-2

The refrigerator showing F-2 on the display.can you explain whats the reason

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