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Compare Selected Instruments in Large Capacity Washers

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Large Capacity Washers

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Questions and Answers

Questions for Large Capacity Washers

blank display

Has anyone had a blank display on this model the back light is on and you get a beep when turned on anf off but nothing else or has anyone got a...

alarm when cycle is finished

Steris Reliance 400 Is there a way to disarm the alarm for when the cycle is completed? When the cycle is complete an alarm sounds which...

Door Jammed

We have a Steris Reliance 400 with a manual door. The door was able to shut before the cycle. Afterwards, something shifted and one of the racks has...

Part numbers and specs.

I need to get the part numbers for the doser pumps, connectors and hoses for a Getinge 86 series washer.

Rotation Alarm

The lower piping, rack support, and sensor need constant attention. Has anyone found an industrial solution to improve its reliability?

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