Steelco LAB 1000

Steelco LAB 1000 glassware washer has been developed for those laboratories that are equipped with centralized washing areas.

STERIS Reliance 400/500

Greater Flexibility for Higher Productivity

Series Models: Reliance 500, Reliance 400

IWT W300

The W300 is a pharmaceutical grade washer made by IWT. Designed to satisfy customer needs, it meets the latest quality standards.

Getinge 8666 SERIES

A combination of smart design features and accessories produces the superior cleanliness demanded in life science applications.

Getinge GEW 101210 & 131313

The medium sized GEW 101210 and 131313 are designed primarily for the manufacturing area and include many features necessary for GMP compliance.

Getinge GEW 131820

The largest washer in the series, the GEW 131820 is designed for pit mounting in a 320 mm (12.6") deep pit allowing direct floor loading.

Getinge GEW 9109

The GEW 9109 is an ideal choice for multipurpose applications as its 810L chamber allows for washing on two levels with ultra low water consumption.

Getinge GEW 666

The GEW 666 is intended for use in the QA laboratory and for small scale production operations; including pilot plants and hospital pharmacies.

Steelco Washer Disinfectors 3S series

This range of products combined with Systems and Automations is at the forefront of the latest research and technology.

Series Models: DS 1000 3S

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Questions for Large Capacity Washers

blank display

Has anyone had a blank display on this model the back light is on and you get a beep when turned on anf off but nothing else or has anyone got a...

Failure to initialize

I have a washer that gets stuck in initialization when being powered on. Lance says it is a bad board and they might have more boards by the end of...

alarm when cycle is finished

Steris Reliance 400 Is there a way to disarm the alarm for when the cycle is completed? When the cycle is complete an alarm sounds which...

Door Jammed

We have a Steris Reliance 400 with a manual door. The door was able to shut before the cycle. Afterwards, something shifted and one of the racks has...

Part numbers and specs.

I need to get the part numbers for the doser pumps, connectors and hoses for a Getinge 86 series washer.

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