LabPlant SD-Basic

A simple and effective laboratory scale spray dryer for product research and development.

LabPlant SD-06A

The LabPlant SD-06 Laboratory Scale Spray Dryer

Series Models: SD-06A, SD-06AG

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Questions for Spray Dryers

Buchi B-296

Hi, I was wondering how much a used Buchi B-296 cost? Regards, Pedro

SD-05 Spray Dryer - Inlet fail

SD-05 spray Dryer When I set the inlet temperature, the reading rapidly shoots up past the setpoint and safety setpoint, shutting off the heating.

Connection with haug compressor

How to connect B-290 with Haug Compressor. Haug compressor frequently switched OFF.How to connect air filters with Haug compressor.

Replacement Cyclone?

Hello, We have a LabPlant Spray drier, (SD-05),  similar to the one displayed on your site. BUT, our cyclone is cracked. Is it possible...

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