Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems Zebra RH 0003 - 0021 B

Zebra – reliable medium vacuum for demanding applications in industry and research.

Series Models: RH 0003 B, RH 0010 B, RH 0015 B, RH 0021 B

US Vacuum Pumps DRPC™ Series Dry Piston Vacuum Pumps

The DRPC series are 100% oil-less piston type vacuum pumps. They are designed to operate on a continuous basis at any point from atmospheric

US Vacuum Pumps USV Series

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps. 5-15 cfm Vacuum: 29.9" Hg

US Vacuum Pumps TORRVAC TCV Series

Central Vacuum Systems Tank Unit. 21-490 cfm Vacuum: 0.50 Torr

US Vacuum Pumps LRV/NC Series

U.S. VACUUM LRV/NC pumps are single stage close-coupled liquid ring vacuum pumps capable of producing a vacuum to 28.3" Hg . The pumps are available

US Vacuum Pumps Torr Vac "B" Series

All Torr-Vac pumps features a compact, simple design; quiet air-cooled operation; Direct Drive; built-in oil mist eliminator; anti-suckback valve.

US Vacuum Pumps ULTRA-VAC Series

ULTRA-VAC pumps are Two-Stage Rotary Vane Air-Cooled vacuum pumps capable of producing an ultimate vacuum of .0005 mm Hg. All pumps come with an

LabTech VP Series

LabTech VP-series and GM-series vacuum pump is an oilless line featuring low noise and high efficiency.

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savant pump

I have a Savant VP-100 pump.I think, from what I've read, its made by Edwards and it an Edwards RV-5 equivalent.What thread do they use to screw in...

Good lab scale vacuum regulator?

We need an instrument that will regulate vacuum levels coming off a lab water aspirator. Ideally this would connect in-line with the vacuum source...

Siezed pump, Ian Setterfield

The pump was tripping the electrical overload. First thought was it had seized on the bearings. After stripping it was found to be mechanically free...

Oil Lose

Diffusion pump losing oil No sign of a vacuum leak, the roughing pump draws a vacuum as normal. Cooling water seems to be OK, run...


Hi everyone, Does anybody have a copy of  troubleshooting pdf for this pump? I am having board problems and would like to know details on...

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