Cole-Parmer Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

Small footprint is ideal for use with your rotary evaporator and other laboratory applications.

Series Models: RK-72226-53, RK-72226-55

Cole-Parmer EW Series Rotary Vacuum Pumps

Combines a rotary-vane pump and a diaphragm pump.

Series Models: EW-72226-60, EW-72226-65, EW-72226-70, EW-72226-75, EW-72226-85

Cole-Parmer RK Series Rotary Vane Pumps

Portable direct-driven high vacuum pumps—ideal for freeze dryers, vacuum ovens, and concentrators. Wide range of free-air capacities to match

Series Models: RK-79203-00, RK-79203-05, RK-79203-10, RK-79203-20, RK-79203-40, RK-79203-50, RK-79203-55

Cole-Parmer Ilmvac Series

Rotary vanes and bearings are lubricated automatically at an optimised oil pressure. This results in lower ultimate pressures and stabilizes the

Series Models: RK-72226-02/03, RK-72226-12/13, RK-72226-14/15, RK-72226-16/17, RK-72226-18/19, RK-72226-32/33, RK-72226-34/35, RK-72226-36

Cole-Parmer Scroll Pump

Oiled pumps create the possibility of oil vapor entering the application via oil particles diffusing back into the inlet of the pump. Scroll pumps

Series Models: EW-78603-10/15, EW-78603-20/25

Cole-Parmer Wet Chemistry Scroll Pump

Eliminate the cost of oil, oil disposal, oil traps, and mist eliminators.

Series Models: EW-78601-70, EW-78601-80, EW-78601-85

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