KNF Neuberger N920

Excellent suction speeds at low absolute pressures

Series Models: N920KT.29.18, N920AP.29.18

KNF Neuberger LABOPORT Filtration Series

For flask filtration, vacuum blotting, vacuum manifolds.

Series Models: N86KT, N816.1.2KT, N816.3KT, N838.1.2KT


This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: BVC 21 NT, BVC 21 NT VARIO

Varian MS40+

Mono Stage Rotary Vane Pump

Series Models: 949-9225, 949-9240/949-9241

Oerlikon Leybold TRIVAC NT Series

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Series Models: NT 5, NT 10, NT 16, NT 25

BUCHI Corporation V-700

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: V-700 with Needle Valve

BUCHI Corporation V-710

The powerful vacuum source

Series Models: V-710 Basic (w/ needle valve)

VACUUBRAND ME 1C Compact Chemistry-duty Filtration Pump

Vacuum filtration is one of the most common applications used for sample preparation in chemistry, microbiology, waste water control and other

VACUUBRAND ME 4R NT Diaphragm Vacuum-Pressure Pump

This one-stage diaphragm pump works simultaneously as a vacuum generator and as compressor.

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I have a Savant VP-100 pump.I think, from what I've read, its made by Edwards and it an Edwards RV-5 equivalent.What thread do they use to screw in...

Good lab scale vacuum regulator?

We need an instrument that will regulate vacuum levels coming off a lab water aspirator. Ideally this would connect in-line with the vacuum source...

Siezed pump, Ian Setterfield

The pump was tripping the electrical overload. First thought was it had seized on the bearings. After stripping it was found to be mechanically free...

Oil Lose

Diffusion pump losing oil No sign of a vacuum leak, the roughing pump draws a vacuum as normal. Cooling water seems to be OK, run...


Hi everyone, Does anybody have a copy of  troubleshooting pdf for this pump? I am having board problems and would like to know details on...

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