Handyem Inc. HPC-150

The HPC-150 Personal Cytometer is a compact, portable and flexible flow cytometer that incorporates handyem’s patented FiberFlowFluidics™

ACEA Biosciences NovoCyte flow cytometer.

NovoCyte, the New Star of Benchtop Flow Cytometry - Exceptional Performance at a Low Investment Cost

MilliporeSigma guava easyCyte 12 flow cytometry system

Our microcapillary flow cytometry systems are simpler to operate than traditional sheath-fluid based instruments and are far easier to maintain.

Intellicyt HyperCyt

HyperCyt connects to your flow cytometer inlet, and using the IntelliCyt Technology, transfers samples from the wells of a 96- or 384-well microplate

Intellicyt iQue Screener & iQue Screener HD

The only true screening platform for suspension cell and bead formats

Beckman Coulter Gallios

The Gallios Flow Cytometer is a research system that delivers analytical excellence by coupling extraordinary sensitivity, resolution and dynamic rang

Beckman Coulter MoFlo™ XDP

The MoFlo XDP has set the standard for cell sorting with functionality, speed, and improved sensitivity.

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Questions for Flow Cytometers

Partec contact in Colombia

I have a cytometer Partec Cyflow sl which requires technical maintenance. What is your current contact in Colombia?


Hello, I'm Patrizio a technician that recently joined a new lab. I am having some problems with the software of MOFLO ASTRIOS EQ (summit), although I...

Laser start up

hi, I am talking about Cell lab Quanta SC Flow cytometer. i am on start up step. at that time we have to power on laser and wait for one hour...

Dr. Miguel Batista

I would like to know the final price of flow cytometer model COULTER EPICS XL

cd 34 counting procedure

I need a true volumetric counting method for cd34 on  cyflow cube6

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