Caliper Life Sciences Sciclone NGS

The Sciclone NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) Workstation is the most capable automated solution for high-throughput sequencing sample preparation.

Caliper Life Sciences Zephyr® SPE Workstation

The Zephyr SPE Workstation is a powerful bench top system designed specifically for high throughput Solid Phase Extraction.

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Questions for Liquid Handling

Tip Pickup Failure

Hello,  Our JANUS system with a Varispan 8 tip arm is repeatedly failing to pick up tips from the tip holder. Deck calibration has been done...

Who wants to buy 2 Dionex ASE 200 Accelerated Solvent Extraction Systems

I work for an IT reuse company and have 2 x Dionex ASE 200 Accelerated Solvent Extraction Systems come in We can’t test them and would like...

Replacing Mandrel

Hello, We had a tip crash that resulted in one of the white plastic mandrels snapping off of just above the o-ring. Has anyone replaced this...

Microlab STAR Error codes and service manual

Hopefully someone can help, we looking for a Hamilton Service manual that outlines error codes that are produced by Hamilton service software. No...

Pipettes not going down far enough

Hi,  I just acquired a TTPLabtech mosquito and I calibrated it. For some reason, the pipettes are not going down far enough. I tried...

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