Caliper Life Sciences Sciclone NGS

The Sciclone NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) Workstation is the most capable automated solution for high-throughput sequencing sample preparation.

Caliper Life Sciences Zephyr® SPE Workstation

The Zephyr SPE Workstation is a powerful bench top system designed specifically for high throughput Solid Phase Extraction.

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Questions for Liquid Handling

Microlab STAR Error codes and service manual

Hopefully someone can help, we looking for a Hamilton Service manual that outlines error codes that are produced by Hamilton service software. No...

Pipettes not going down far enough

Hi,  I just acquired a TTPLabtech mosquito and I calibrated it. For some reason, the pipettes are not going down far enough. I tried...

Archive racks for the Beckman Automate

HI, Having trouble with the durability of the clear plastic racks. Anyone have an alternate rack they are using? thank you, Karen

vacuum for wash station

I cannot find resources on how to wire and plumb the wash unit and vacuum unit needed to use the wash 8 tool. When I go to wash a plate the wash 8...

air leak at circut board

The orange air tube that attaches to the circuit board has a leak. It appears that the spring that is supposed to keep the tube attached and prevent...

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