HORIBA Ultima Expert

High resolution, high sensitivity and high stability ICP-OES spectrometer

PerkinElmer HybridXLT

PerkinElmer's HybridXLT™ torch is the latest addition to the family of PerkinElmer genuine sample introduction components. The new

Analytik Jena PlasmaQuant PQ 9000

PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 with the integrated High-Resolution Optics brings clarity, simplicity and confidence to your most delicate analytical routine.

Glass Expansion TruFlo Sample Monitor

The TruFlo Sample Monitor eliminates guesswork so that you always know the actual rate of sample flow to your nebulizer.

Glass Expansion Assist CM

The Assist syringe-driven sample introduction system Assists you with faster throughput / improved accuracy / better precision

Glass Expansion Niagara Plus

Halve your operating costs Reduce your environmental footprint Double your sample throughput

Thermo Scientific XSERIES 2

The Thermo Scientific* XSERIES 2 ICP-MS offers outstanding productivity in a quadrupole ICP-MS for both routine and high performance analytical work.

Thermo Scientific ELEMENT XR™ ICP-MS

The Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT XR™ ICP-MS combines a dual mode SEM with a Faraday detector. The detection system combines a dual mode SEM

Thermo Scientific ELEMENT 2™ ICP-MS

Choose a high performance, double focusing magnetic sector field Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT 2™ ICP-MS that is optimized for ease-of-use,

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variation in reading

The machine gives different readings for the same sample. what is the reason ?  ...

Plasma can not ignites

The board was broken, need service manual. my email

Injection error

Dear all, anyone please shere me the troubleshooting of "injection error" while in the middle of analyzing suddenly stopped and popping...

Digestion of Candies using HNO3 and Hydrogen peroxide

  Can we digest candies using Conc HNO3 and H2O2 in a open vessels  using hot plate?  Can you please provide me some ...

Unstable Counts and More

Hello, I am quite new working with ICP-MS and have a few questions. I am trying to get MDL values but am not having any luck with it. I am...

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