HORIBA Ultima Expert

High resolution, high sensitivity and high stability ICP-OES spectrometer

PerkinElmer HybridXLT

PerkinElmer's HybridXLT™ torch is the latest addition to the family of PerkinElmer genuine sample introduction components. The new

Analytik Jena PlasmaQuant PQ 9000

PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 with the integrated High-Resolution Optics brings clarity, simplicity and confidence to your most delicate analytical routine.

Agilent Technologies 7900 ICP-MS

The Agilent 7900 ICP-MS opens up a new dimension in ICP-MS, with 10x higher matrix tolerance, 10x wider dynamic range and 10x better signal to noise

Thermo Fisher Scientific iCAP TQs ICP-MS system

Delivering Triple Quadrupole Technology, the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ TQs ICP-MS is a high-performance ICP-MS for ultratrace

LECO Corporation GDS500A

CCD-Based Glow Discharge Atomic Emission Spectrometer.

Shimadzu ICPE-9800 Series

Simultaneous ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometers

Thermo Scientific XSERIES 2

The Thermo Scientific* XSERIES 2 ICP-MS offers outstanding productivity in a quadrupole ICP-MS for both routine and high performance analytical work.

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Low counts

Mass calibration resolution is failing with low intensities.

RFG grid current

Our NexION is shutting off and the message that comes up on the control panel is "Plasma could not be sustained RFG grid current high" What...

Suppliers & approximate price of oxford instruments foundry master pro

Dear.Good day.Please inform me the Suppliers address & approximate price of oxford instruments foundry master pro.thanks.Nazmul.

Service Manual for PE 5300

Hi, Does anyone have the service manual for the PE 5300? Thanks!

RF Generator

who can repair this RF Generator ,

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