Shimadzu PDA-7000

This Product Has Been Discontinued

PerkinElmer Optima 7x00 DV

The Optima 7x00 offers automatic dual viewing for the lowest detection limits and widest working ranges.

PerkinElmer Optima 7300 V

For labs requiring excellent performance and productivity but not the degree of sensitivity and flexibility offered by a dual-view optical system

PerkinElmer Optima 7000 DV

Bringing advanced technology to laboratories requiring flexibility and excellent analytical performance for varied and moderate sample loads.

PerkinElmer Optima 2000

With the performance and reliability found in simultaneous systems and the flexibility inherent to sequential ICPs, the Optima 2000™ DV is

Oxford Instruments FOUNDRY-MASTER PRO

High performance, accuracy, reliability, flexibility and upgradeability – all in a single instrument!

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Questions for ICP Systems

Service Manual for PE 5300

Hi, Does anyone have the service manual for the PE 5300? Thanks!

RF Generator

who can repair this RF Generator ,

Worm Drive Lubricant

What lubricant is used on the worm drive of the Optima 7000 DV ICP-OES? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

One-piece Easy-fit torch

Helo!I am using a One-piece Easy-fit torch at ICP-OES model 5110. But after using for a period the ring that fix the torch to the base is loosen...

Resolution of Avio 200

What is the resolution of Avio 200 at 200 nm wavelength

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