Extrel MAXCS-50 Series

The MAXCS-50 is the world's leading quadrupole mass spectrometer with unrivalled resolution and abundance sensitivity characteristics.

Instrument Specialists Inc. EGA Mass Spec and FTIR

Instrument Specialists TGA and STA Thermal Analyzers offer optional heated transfer line and controller to allow for EGA (Evolved Gas analysis) using

Waters UniSpray Ion Source

A novel ion source for ionization of a broader range of compounds

Waters StepWave

A unique, revolutionary off-axis ion source technology that delivers class leading UPLC-MS/MS sensitivity  Patented ion transfer device to

Waters LockSpray Exact Mass Ionization Source

The LockSpray™ dual electrospray ion source optimizes the co-introduction of analyte and lock mass compound directly into the ion source,

Waters IonSABRE APCI Probe Accessory

Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI) is an effective method for analyzing lower-polarity compounds. The high-efficiency IonSABRE&trade

Waters Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe

Rapid Direct Analysis of Volatile and Semi-Volatile, Solid and Liquid Samples

Waters APPI/APCI Dual-Mode Ionization Source

The Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization (APPI) source, in conjunction with Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI) allows independent APPI

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Hitachi U-2800 Spectrophotometer problem.

Hi, My Hitachi U-2800 spectrophotometer is passing all initial self tests, beam is coming in sample compartment (alignment OK). But on blocking...

refurblis or new price quotation

We want to purchase immidiately

refurblis or new price quotation

We want to purchase immediately

Sensitivity Problem

We have an old Finnigan Delta plus MS.It has a problem that the Standard ion beam intensity value is half the value of the sample beam intensity...

Ar Labs in the world with ARGUS VI

I have interest in visiting Ar labs that have the ARGUS spectrometer as facility for Ar dating. I would like to know how many (and which) labs there...

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