Wescor Vapro 5520

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Advanced Instruments Osmo1™

Introducing Osmo1, the newest member of the Advanced™ family of freezing point osmometers. Osmo1 is ideally suited for clinical laboratories

Advanced Instruments 3D3 Single-Sample Osmometer

The Advanced Model 3D3 Single-Sample Osmometer determines the osmolality of solutions using freezing point depression (FPD).

Gonotec Osmomat auto

The design of the OSMOMAT auto is based on ten years of experience with the measuring principle of the OSMOMAT 030. We have been able to automate the

Gonotec Osmomat 050

The OSMOMAT 050 was especially developed for use in intensive care units. It is designed to be used on a 24 h/day 7 day/week basis and the system is

Knauer K-7400

For medical use, includes measuring head and accessories.

Advanced Instruments Advanced® Model 3250

Advanced Instruments Osmometer, Model 3250, for Osmolality Measurement

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pre freeze errors

Micro Osmometer 3300

How do you troubeshoot a pre-freeze error on the Micro Osmometer 3300? 

Calibration problem

Hi there. I've started using Osmomat 050 but I needed to change the membrane because the values were too low and not reproducible. After that, I'm...

user manual

i  need user manual for vapro  5600 to deal with errors. kindly attach a copy of manual to the following email yasminsarwar@gmail...

Thermocouple head

Does anyone know how to get a hold of a thermocouple head for the 5520? The company doesn't sell them any more.

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