Qiagen CLC Cancer Research Workbench

Unraveling the complexity of Cancer. Expedite your understanding of cancer with CLC Cancer Research Workbench

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can i buy this software for my AAS machine

JASCO - Spectra Manager

I lost the CD software of JASCO - Spectra Manager for Jasco V-530 spectrophotometer, since then the device is not working Can you provide me with...

EZ-yield software available?

Does anyone have a download or a disk of this EZ-yield software available? Barry Goodell, 102 Morrill IV-N, 639 N. Pleasant St., UMass-Amherst...

Can Masslyns be used as a stand alone lc/uv data system

We have an acuity uplc on a Xevo tsq that is not used any longer. Can the LC and data system be used without the MS for LC/UV analysis

Can I get prescription meds online at

At Health Medication Store, we sell quality pain killers, anxiety pills/tabs, Anabolic steroids, HGH, and some liquid meds at good prices to people...

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