Asynt DrySyn MULTI-M

The DrySyn MULTI-M converts any standard hotplate stirrer into a reaction block for 3 flasks of 10ml - 250ml, or up to 12 vials. Its modular system

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I am seriously lacking experience in the use of a ceramic laboratory hot plate. I have read somewhere that you should only heat materials in glass...

Speed for NuovaII

Hi,   I have a NuovaII (nonheated stirrer) from your company. On your site, it is stated that the stirrer has a speed from 100-1000rpm...

biomedical electronic echnician

i need a wiring diagram for a nuova II stirrer/hot plate

Edulab Nanoheat Hotplates....Good/Bad

I am looking into making a purchase of some hotplates from Edulab scientific resources. for some of their Nanoheat laboratory...

Thermolyne Nuova II Stir Plate

When I turn the heat button at "6",what is the temperature of the heat plate?And what is the temperature of the heat plate when the button is at "7...

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