Also found In: Hot Plate Stirrers ,

5-position digital magnetic hotplate stirrer, designed for synchronous heating and stirring.


The 15-position digital magnetic stirrer without heating, designed for synchronous stirring.

Heidolph North America MR Series

Also found In: Hot Plate Stirrers ,

Heidolph® Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrers

Series Models: MR Hei-End, MR Hei-Tec, MR Hei-Tec Square, MR Hei-Standard

Jeio Tech HP-3000 Series

Also found In: Hot Plate Stirrers ,

A variety of sizes, ceramic coated Hotplates and Stirrers series!

Series Models: HP-3000L

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Questions for Magnetic Stirrers

Error E-3

Where are the "internal device temperature sensor" ? Is a transistor? Is a PTC, NTC?  Near processor (PIC16F874A) ?    The...

error code E.12

display lights, but nothing else works


I recently bought a IKA C-Mag HST stirrer and hot plates.  It is not working and making sound with error 25. Could you please write me, how to...

Heidolf MR2002 user manual request

Hello, I need the user manual for the stirrer Heidolf MR 2002. Could you please send me? Thanks a lot

Circuit board

I need the circuit digram for this brodect becuse i have one but it was not work and i want to fix it .

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