Eberbach 7000 Series

High-performance overhead stirrers.

Series Models: 7085, 7195, 7225

Eberbach E7225 - Con-Torque Stirrer

Model 7225 Con-Torque Stirrer is suitable for continuous duty stirring of highly viscous materials. A 1/9 hp motor and gear drive produces 196 oz-in

Eberbach E7195 - Universal Lab-Stir

Model 7195 UNIVERSAL LAB STIR is a general purpose stirrer powered by a totally enclosed PM motor which features high coercively ceramic magnets and

Eberbach E7085 - Power-Stir

Model 7085 POWER STIR® is a lower speed, higher torque version of the 7195. It produces a maximum output torque of 96 oz-in at 625 rpm. Speed is

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Questions for Overhead Stirrers

speed control

Stirring speed becomes unavailable after 1 to 2 hours of use. Speed becomes 2000 rpm all of sudden. We had to stop our production. Please help!!


Do you know what year this product was discontinued?

Condition Monitoring technician

Hello, what is the correspondant speed for all the indication (1 to 10)

graph relation between velocity gradient and rpm

Dear all'  I would like to send me the relation between velocity gradiant with the rotation per min for impller due to my Phd study...

Silverson L5M-A

The machine run at high speen & stop after few second, and the LCD displays "OVERCURRENT TRIP (CYCLE MAIN PWR)". What's wrong...

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