AirClean® Systems ACTE50 TEE/ENT Probe Soaking Station

The ACTE50 TEE Probe Soaking Station is designed to safely and effectively minimize healthcare worker exposure.

AirClean® Systems ACVP50 Endocavity Ultrasound Probe Workstation

AirClean® Systems endocavity probe workstations protect the user from Glutaraldehyde, OPA, Cidex®, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.

Hielscher UP100H

Also found In: Homogenizers ,

UP100H - Compact Ultrasonic Laboratory Device

Hielscher UP200H / UP200S

Also found In: Homogenizers ,

UP200H / UP200S - Ultrasonic Power for the Lab

Hielscher VialTweeter

VialTweeter - Intensive Sonication Small Volumes.

Hielscher UP400S

UP400S - Powerful Sonication of Larger Samples

Hielscher SonoStep

SonoStep - One Step Sonication of Samples

Qsonica Sonicator 4000

The world's most advanced ultrasonic processor.

Qsonica XL-2000

An economic alternative to the Sonicator 4000 when working with smaller sample volumes.

Qsonica Sonicator 3000

The most technologically advanced ultrasonic liquid processor: process any sample size from 100 µL to 40 L.

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ultrasonic hielscher UP200H

What is the meant cycle? How can power be changed in this model?

Service Manual

I am using XL 2020 sonicator. I want service manual for same. Posted by Sutar Mayur via LabWrench info e-mail

horn tip replacement

i would like to purchase damaged tip (3 Nos) i need standard specs and quotation

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