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Innova 40R shaker inc. not working properly

Unit runs fine for hours then shuts off an goes into like a sleep mode(which i know there is not said mode) an does not re boot untill i cycle power...

Can't open front door (latch broken)

Can't open the front door of unit. Latch is broken. Anyone know how to open the front door of this device?

Shaker problem

Our shaker has stopped working. Is there an area we need to look at?   Thank you, Connie J. Graham Biological Science...

New brunswick G-26

Hello, Our sister-plant in UK has a shaking, refrigerated incubator.  Nameplate shows 50 HZ.  Does anyone know if this can be operated...

Thermo low temp incubator 815

Our's is making a loud whinning sound on the back of the unit internally. Does anyone know what that is?

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