Chromatography Data Systems (HPLC)

cerno BIOSCIENCE MassWorks v4.0

Found In: Software (HPLC)

Novel Software for MS Calibration,Formula ID and Accurate Ion Mixture Quantitation

Shimadzu LCsolution

Found In: Software (HPLC)

Shimadzu's LCsolution software offers an intuitive easy-to-use operating environment

Dionex Chromeleon 7.1

Found In: Software (HPLC)

Discover Chromeleon® 7.1, the chromatography software that streamlines your path from samples to results.

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. ENrich™ SEC 70 10 x 300 Column

Found In: Integrator (HPLC)

Use the ENrich SEC 70 10 x 300 column for completing size exclusion separations in less than 30 minutes at fast flow rates (?1 ml/min).

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. PROTEAN® Plus Dodeca Cell

Found In: Integrator (HPLC)

100/120 V, vertical large format electrophoresis cell, 12 gel capacity, includes buffer tank with cooling core, buffer recirculation pump with tubin..

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. PROTEAN® i12™ IEF Cell

Found In: Integrator (HPLC)

Isoelectric focusing cell, includes basic unit, electrode assemblies, and 3 styluses. Focusing trays and other accessories sold separately.

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Lock the instrument method and method set

Will lock the lock the intrument method and method set reduce human error? What's the reason for locking it? Is the locking will only precent...

getting adjusted amount from stats report after runinng a sample

please assits me on getting th adjustyed amount of my sample from my gc result an also how to get the concentration of each peak. 

Changing trays

I'm switching from a 22 tray to a 24 tray and my method does not work with the new tray, I keep getting an error message and feel like I have...

Unable to log in (new user created)

Hi, We have an issue setting up a new user for our TotalChrom system.  I work in our IT dept and everything appears to match the settings on...

Manual Integration Parameters

Hi, has anyone had issues attempting to manually define a baseline? I have not had any trouble in the past, but we recently switched to a newer...

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