Chromatography Data Systems (GC)

InfoMetrix Pirouette

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Comprehensive Chemometrics Modeling Software

HP 3396A

Found In: Integrator (HPLC) , Integrator (GC)

       The HP 3396A is an integrator that is based on an analog input.  It is equipped with INET and a RS-232 communication port.

Thermo Scientific TraceFinder Software

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Thermo Scientific* TraceFinder Software is a single, easy-to-use software for routine GC, GC-MS, LC, and LC-MS quantitation, targeted screening, and

Thermo Scientific QuanLab

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Thermo Scientific* QuanLab Forms 3.1 Software is a user-friendly chromatography analysis software package that provides automated processing and

Thermo Scientific ChromQuest 5.0

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ChromQuest is a powerful CDS that can fully meet chromatography laboratory needs.

Shimadzu Method Toolbox

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Open Access Software for LCMS-2020 Open Solution Method Toolbox

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Please, how do I get the final result from my chromatogram after each run? Do I need to do some calculations assuming I started with a sample weight...

ICP-MS Chemstation Software for Agilent ICP-MS 7500

While running, my sequence sometimes stops after a CCB or a CCV check and does not continue. I have it set to go to the next sample on the...

TPH, Fuels analysis calculations

Hello, I am running TPH by FID and am looking for a better way to calculate my data... I am using Chemstation and basically integrating ALL peaks...

ChemStation B.05.02 for UV-Vis

The Advanced Mode disappeared.  I tried to reapply license but it still wouldn't work.  I called Agilent but they are so slow to give...

error in integration peaks

I am following the Quick reference guide for Chrom Quest 5. I want to integrate a chromatogram using the tool bar under the chromatogram. When I...

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