Phenomenex Yarra SEC-X150

New Yarra 1.8µm SEC-X150 with bio-inert hardware allows for exceptional separation power for both low and high MW biomolecules, fast GFC/SEC methods,

Hamilton Company Reversed-Phase HPLC Columns

Hamilton reversed-phase HPLC columns combine the best characteristics of silica-based and polymeric columns.

Series Models: Polymer Packings, Silica Packings

Hamilton Company Cation Exchange

In cation exchange chromatography, the stationary bed has an ionically negative (-) charged surface while the sample ions are of positive (+) charge.

Hamilton Company Anion Exchange

In anion exchange chromatography, the stationary bed has an ionically positive (+) charged surface while the sample ions are of negative (-) charge.

Phenomenex SecurityGuard

Universal HPLC Guard Columns for HPLC Columns

Phenomenex Lux Cellulose

Polysaccharide Chiral HPLC and SFC Columns at a Very Affordable Price

Series Models: Amylose-2 Phase Detail, Cellulose-1, Cellulose-2, Cellulose-3, Cellulose-4

Waters CORTECS Columns

A Sub-2-µm Solid-Core Particle that Lives Up to Its Potential


Thermo Fisher Scientific GlycanPac AXR-1

Exceptional Glycan Selectivity with Industry-Leading Resolution    Ultra-high resolution and selectivity of glycans are attributed to the

Series Models: 1.9Μm Particle Size, 2.1 I.D., 1.9Μm Particle Size, 2.1 I.D., 3Μm Particle Size, 2.1 I.D. ×, 3Μm Particle Size, 3.0 I.D. ×, 3Μm Particle Size, 4.6 I.D. ×

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Organics acids

I'm looking for resins to fix volatils fatty acids from c2 to c6 and a container for the resin. Do you have specific solutions for this...

GPC Columns

What is the difference iin Styragel and Ultra Styragel GPC columns?

re: Can this columns be reused?

Can this Bio-Rad poly-prep prefilled chromatography columns ( AG 1-X8 resin) be reused? If it does, how to regenerate and store the resin?

Reviews on Ascentis Express Columns

I am very interested in using this column to shorten a 70 minute, stability indicating isocratic assay. The plan is to use the...

Yarra SEC-3000 compatibility with methanol

Hi I have a 'Yarra 3000 SEC'. It was working very fine, giving nice shape peaks. I left it in 100% methanol overnight. In the morning, I...

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