Lonza Group Ltd. 4D-Nucleofector™ System

The 4D-Nucleofector™ System was developed to offer advanced performance, flexibility and convenience. The system is controlled by intuitive

Series Models: The Core Unit, The X unit, The Y unit, The LV Unit

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Gene Pulser MXcell

The Gene Pulser MXcell™ plate-based electroporation system delivers molecules efficiently into mammalian cells.

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Gene Pulser Xcell

The Gene Pulser Xcell™ is a modular electroporation system.

Series Models: Total System, Eukaryotic System, Microbial System, Main Unit, General

Amaxa Biosystems Nucleofector® II

Amaxa® Nucleofector® Technology is a highly efficient non-viral method for transfection.

Molecular Devices Axon Axopatch 200B

The benchmark for single-channel recordings and other applications where an excellent signal-to-noise ratio is key.

Molecular Devices MultiClamp 700B Amplifier

The MultiClamp™ 700B Microelectrode Amplifier is a versatile, computer-controlled microelectrode amplifier designed for patch voltage-clamp.


This Product Has Been Discontinued

EPPENDORF Multiporator

The basic unit of the Multiporator* is made up of a module designed to electroporate eukaryotic cells.

Molecular Devices Axon Axoporator 800A

The world's first commercially available single-cell electroporator

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Cells lines and specific kits

Hello, I would like to know that, for transfering the following cell lines, which kit do we need to order? (1) NK92 (2) Jurkat (3...

Headstage Multiclamp 700B

We are planning to test amperometry experiments using the Multiclamp 700B potentiostat, and seems the head stage 7B where a range of +/- 1V...

Getting the Model cell to work?

I have tried to patch on a the model cell but it doesn't appear that I can get the pipet resistance (should be 10 Ohms)?  I have tried...

Axopatch overload

Hi,  My axopatch 200B is registering an overload as soon as the pipette is put into the bath. Normally this means a grounding issue however...

Nucleofection of neonatal rat cardiomyocytes

Hi,   I tried to nucleofect neonatal rat cardiomyocytes with your kit (Amaxa-Rat Cardiomyocyte-Neonatal Nucleofector). I follow the...

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