cerno BIOSCIENCE MassWorks v4.0

Novel Software for MS Calibration,Formula ID and Accurate Ion Mixture Quantitation

Shimadzu QuanSolution Software

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Open Access Sample Logging for Triple Quadrupole LCMS


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ChromNAV Chromatography Data System

Thermo Scientific ChromQuest 5.0

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ChromQuest is a powerful CDS that can fully meet chromatography laboratory needs.

HORIBA Quanta-phi

When combined with a HORIBA Fluorometer the Quanta-Φ forms the most accurate, versatile and complete luminescence yield system available!

HORIBA SFA-20 Stopped Flow Device

The SFA-20/SPEX series of stopped-flow rapid-kinetics accessories offers versatility for spectroscopic monitoring of fast reactions in solution.

HORIBA Nanosizer®

Nanosizer® in Origin® Pro 8 simplifies the process for simulation and analysis for single?walled carbon nanotube excitation?emission map simulation..


PTI FelixGX is software for instrument control and control of the accessories including analytical functions for trace manipulation and spectral and..

HORIBA Microsense microliter fluorescence measurement solution

Microsense lets you make accurate, repeatable fluorescence measurements of µL volumes, less than 1/300th of a typical sample!

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Lock the instrument method and method set

Will lock the lock the intrument method and method set reduce human error? What's the reason for locking it? Is the locking will only precent...

getting adjusted amount from stats report after runinng a sample

please assits me on getting th adjustyed amount of my sample from my gc result an also how to get the concentration of each peak. 

Changing trays

I'm switching from a 22 tray to a 24 tray and my method does not work with the new tray, I keep getting an error message and feel like I have...

Unable to log in (new user created)

Hi, We have an issue setting up a new user for our TotalChrom system.  I work in our IT dept and everything appears to match the settings on...

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