Anton Paar HazeQC ME

A solution for the measurement of turbidity in liquids, the HazeQC ME turbidity measuring module, is provided by Anton Paar as part of a modular

Hach Company Ultraturb sc Turbidimeter

The Hach Ultraturb sensor is Hach’s most versatile turbidimeter. With its wide measurement range (0-1,000 NTU) and optional automatic cleaning system

Hach Company TU5 Series Benchtop Turbidimeters

The TU5 Series benchtop turbidimeters for drinking water and other pure water applications feature a revolutionary 360° x 90° Detection

Hach Company TU5300 sc/TU5400 sc Online Laser Turbidimeters

The EPA approved TU5 Series platform employs a patented optical design that sees more of your sample than any other turbidimeter, delivering the best

Hach Company TL23 Series Benchtop Turbidimeters

The TL23 Series benchtop turbidimeters for a wide range of turbidity applications feature the trusted technology of Hach’s legacy benchtop

Series Models: TL2350, TL2310, TL2360, TL2300

Hach Company Surface Scatter 7 sc High Range Turbidimeter

The Surface Scatter 7 sc High Range Turbidimeter offers superior performance across a measurement range of 0 to 9999 NTU. The Hach Surface Scatter 7

Hach Company FT660 sc Laser Nephelometer

The FilterTrak 660 sc is the world’s most sensitive turbidimeter. Using advanced laser optics and signal processing, the instrument detects increased

Hach Company 2100 Lab Turb

The 2100 Benchtop Turbidimeter series is the standard for turbidity measurement around the world. With their tungsten (EPA variants) or LED (ISO

Hach Company 1720E Low Range Turbidimeter

The 1720E Turbidimeter reflects nearly 50 years of Hach leadership in turbidity measurement science. Continuously flowing sample flows through the

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Greetings I am trying to find instructions on how you clean the TU 5300 turbidimeter. I would appreciate any help you can provide .

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