Hach Company BioTector B7000

Maximum Uptime and Reliability: Any Application, Any Condition

Hach Company astroTOC UV

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Total Organic Carbon - astroTOC UV Turbo TOC Analyzer for Cogen Applications

Analytik Jena multi N/C®

The high performance TOC analyzers: routine and specialist tool for any application, in particular for pharmaceutical applications

Series Models: multi N/C® 2100, multi N/C® 2100S, multi N/C® 3100, multi N/C® UV HS, multi N/C® pharma UV, multi N/C® pharma HT

Shimadzu TOC-L Series

The TOC-L series of TOC analyzers adopts the 680°C combustion catalytic oxidation method, which was developed by Shimadzu and is now used worldwide.

GE Analytical Instruments Sievers 900 Laboratory

The Sievers 900 Laboratory Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer enhances productivity for laboratory TOC measurements.

GE Analytical Instruments Sievers 900 Portable

The Sievers 900 Portable TOC Analyzer offers unequalled flexibility and ease of use.

GE Analytical Instruments Sievers 5310 C Laboratory

The Sievers 5310 C Laboratory TOC Analyzer delivers greater productivity through advanced automation and ease-of-use features.

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Questions for TOC Analyzers

The oxdizer

is this true the company dont propduce the oxdizer and acid for TOC

No peaks

analyzer is currently sampling as normal, but we are seeing no peaks. any ideas? No obvioius leaks, etc.

TOC L TC Area Counts

I just did the annual maintence on the instrument. The IC side looks fine but I keep getting inconsistent area counts on the TC side.I can't find...

IC Slider

Instrument gives message "ERROR: IC Slider". Slider is assembled correctly but the motor runs continuously in one direction, so the slider will only...

TC Running High

While using the instrument the TC started running high. We regenerated the catalyst, ran the line flush,as well as zero point. We checked the...

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