Shimadzu TNPC-4110/4110C

The TNPC-4110 is an easy to handle and simple to maintain total nitrogen/phosphorous/carbon analyzer

Hach Company BioTector B3500c

Maximum uptime and reliability for TOC analysis in clean water applications

Hach Company ANATEL A643a

ANATEL A643a, Portable TOC Analyzer with UV Detect

Hach Company ANATEL TOC600

Anatel TOC analyzers are the industry standard for purified water and ultrapure water.

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Questions for TOC Analyzers

TOC L TC Area Counts

I just did the annual maintence on the instrument. The IC side looks fine but I keep getting inconsistent area counts on the TC side.I can't find...

IC Slider

Instrument gives message "ERROR: IC Slider". Slider is assembled correctly but the motor runs continuously in one direction, so the slider will only...

TC Running High

While using the instrument the TC started running high. We regenerated the catalyst, ran the line flush,as well as zero point. We checked the...

IC reactor failing pressure test

I cannot find the point in the system where my analyzer is loosing pressure. I've changed tubing, O-rings, cleaned,... Any suggestions? The TC...

NPOC method

Hi, I want to ask why we need to acidify and purge the sample in the NPOC method of the TOC analyzer to determine Total organic carbon...

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