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Peak Scientific

Hach Company BioTector B7000

Maximum Uptime and Reliability: Any Application, Any Condition

GE Analytical Instruments Sievers InnovOx

Uses an innovative, patent-pending Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) technique.


HT-100 is the ideal TOC meter for continuously measuring low concentration TOC (Total Organic Carbon)

Hach Company BioTector

Online Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer

Thermo Scientific HiperTOC

The DEXTAR analyzer is designed for cost effective AOX and TOX analysis in a wide range of water and solids matrices.

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Peak Scientific
Peak Scientific

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Questions for TOC Analyzers


Please send me price. Thank you!

Tekmar Phoenix 8000

Our unit has water under the syringe plunger and will not allow plunger to fully depress to bottom of syringe cylinder. What would cause that and how...

touch screen issues on the PAT700

is there a way to perform a touch screen calibration on the PAT700?

does any one have this hooked to a UPS backup?

Shimadzu TOC-L Series Area Counts

I have two L Series insturments. One has the acid kit on it and one does not!  I run NPOC on the one with out the acid kit and the one with the...

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Peak Scientific
Peak Scientific