Malvern Panalytical OMNISEC RESOLVE

OMNISEC RESOLVE combines with OMNISEC REVEAL to form a complete OMNISEC GPC/SEC solution for the measurement of absolutemolecular weight.

Thermo Scientific Ultrafast

Short, narrow-bore columns for use with the Thermo Scientific TRACE GC UltraFast instrument

Thermo Scientific TracePLOT Series

Thermo Scientific TracePLOT GC Columns offer the latest innovation in PLOT column technology

Thermo Scientific TraceGOLD

TraceGOLD GC columns ensure excellent run-to-run reproducibility

Thermo Scientific TRACE Series

TRACE GC Columns offer high temperature stability and exhibit low bleed and long lifetimes.

Agilent Technologies LTM Column Modules

LTM column modules combine a high-quality fused silica capillary column with heating and temperature sensing for a low thermal mass column assembly.

Agilent Technologies J&W Ultra Inert GC Columns

Demanding Über One Test Probe Mix for Consistent Column Inertness Performance

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Questions for GC Columns


We have one packed GC colunm purchased from Supelco and it doesnt have its respective certificate. Can you help us to find it? It is described below...

Good column for inert trace analysis in helium

Hello. I am looking for advice on choosing a column to run inert trace analysis (o2, n2, ar) in helium. I have a 7890B with PDHID running thru a...

ELITE 1 how many times?

  How many times can I change it and reuse it, because I must turn off the gc every Friday and turn it on Monday. I'm afraid it bleeds...

Appropriate column and detector for DROs

Hi I would like to know, what is the best column for analysing Diesel Range Oraganics and detector. I am currently using the Rxi-5Sil MS and an...

S/N vs column length, GCMS

Hi, In my opinion, column length is inversely related to the S/N due to "column bleeding". Could anyone comment on the S/N...

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