Hamilton Company High Temperature GC Septa

High Temperature Septa is made of preconditioned PTFE/silicone rubber and is 3.175 mm (0.125 in) thick.

LNI SWISSGAS Rapid Oven Cooler

The LNI Schmidlin SA Rapid Oven Cooler system is able to quickly cool down the GC oven temperatures.    The ROC will help each laboratory

Agilent Technologies Barcode Printing Bundle

The Agilent 7693A Automatic Sampler Tray with barcode readers (G4514A or G4515A), 7696A Workbench (G4529AA, G4539AA), and 7697A Headspace Sampler

Agilent Technologies JetClean Self-Cleaning Ion Source

Agilent’s JetClean self-cleaning ion source eliminates matrix deposits from the ion source of single or triple quad GC/MS systems without manual

Hamilton Company Three Layer GC Septa

Three Layer Septa is made of preconditioned silicone rubber and is 3.81 mm (0.150 in) thick. The average life of these septa is up to 100 injections

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Questions for GC Accessories

End Caps

We are using Teflon Cap Filtration for PLE Cartridge- No O-Ring. We have had leakage problems after just one use. Any advise welcome.

Conectando el hturbo matrix to el cromatografo

Cuando empiezo ELA secuencia el cromatografo al mismo tiempo que el tgurbomstrix

HS 40XL Oven Sensor Open

I have an HS 40XL headspace sampler and it's giving me an error that the oven sensor is open. The thermocouple is reading 115 ohms, which seems...

A long term problem with the unit.

HI there, I have been using the unit since 2007 and a couple of years back it became faulty, it just keeps restarting with no clear reason and at...

Error message

In Korea, it is very difficult to repair PE HS40xl Headspace sampler from Perkin-Elmer. We would much appreciate if you could have the field...

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