KNF Neuberger RC 600

The latest addition to the KNF LAB range of rotary evaporators, the RC 600 is an efficient, robust instrument designed for intensive day-to-day use

KNF Neuberger RC 900

Designed for everyday use, and tailored to practical needs. The RC 900 makes rotary evaporation far simpler and safer. Reliability, operational safety

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is there any mechanisms used in rotavapor r-100?

Run times on continuous feed

If you have 100 liter, continuous feed set-up. How long is the run time?

KD-22 vacuum gasket seal

Hi there, We have noticed that the KD-22 vacuum gasket seal is a common replacement part for rotovaps. Does anyone have any information about other...

Rotovap Stuck

Does anyone know how to take apart a very old Brinkmann/Buchi -R series Rotovap?Sample foamed over the vapor duct into the condenser. Apparently, it...

Bearing noise

The ball bearing of the drive unit of my BUCHI R-220 is worn out and made ??a lot of noise. I want to know how to remove it myself.   If...

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