Gilson Armen CPC Systems

Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC), also known as Counter Current Chromatography (CCC), is a silica-free liquid-liquid chromatographic

Series Models: SCPC-50, SCPC-100, SCPC-250, SCPC-1000, SCPC-100+1000, SCPC-250+1000

GeneVac Rocket 4D

Rocket 4D is an automated evaporation system for large volumes of solvent.

GeneVac miVac Quattro

The miVac Quattro is suitable for use with a wide range of solvents, from volatile organic solvents through to water and some of the higher boiling

GeneVac HT-4X

Genevac's original HT-4 and the new HT-4X centrifugal vacuum evaporators.

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Questions for Centrifugal

Parts Diagram HT-4X

Does anyone have an exploded parts diagram for this unit that they could forward to me? S/N is 6957 if it matters. Had s catastrophic tube breakage...

Error 03

Getting an Err 03 when booted. Does anyone know what this means ?

GeneVac EZ-2 Error 03

I am experiancing and err 03 when the unit is powered on and the lid is closed. I do not get the error when the lid is opened. Does anyone know what...

Genevac HT-8 and HT-12

Run Data Protection password reset? Is there a default password for the Run Data protection password?

Error 2

When a spin is started, the motor doesn't move at all and the display says "Error 2".  The spindle and rotor spin freely and the...

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