GeneVac HT Series 3

Genevac HT series evaporators are the ideal solution for parallel evaporation bottlenecks in high throughput and production laboratories having high

Labconco Proteomic Refrigerated CentriVap

Proteomic CentriVap Concentrator Systems include all the concentration components necessary to begin operation except for the vacuum pump.

Labconco CentriVap Complete

The all-in-one CentriVap Complete Vacuum Concentrator houses every component you need to begin processing multiple samples

Labconco CentriVap Mobile Systems

CentriVap Mobile Systems combine the separate vacuum concentrator and cold trap components into one space-saving console and include catsters

Labconco CentriVap DNA Vacuum Concentrators

CentriVap DNA Vacuum Concentrators are designed to speed evaporation of solvents from DNA samples and other very small samples.

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Hello, I am from Colombia and I need to buy spares for this instrument, Rocket, but not through the local representative,Does anyone know an external...

Pump not pulling vacume

The pump by itself pull vacuume once hooked up to the condenser the chamber see no vacuume.

Parts Diagram HT-4X

Does anyone have an exploded parts diagram for this unit that they could forward to me? S/N is 6957 if it matters. Had s catastrophic tube breakage...

Error 03

Getting an Err 03 when booted. Does anyone know what this means ?

GeneVac EZ-2 Error 03

I am experiancing and err 03 when the unit is powered on and the lid is closed. I do not get the error when the lid is opened. Does anyone know what...

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