Labconco CentriVap Cold Trap

CentriVap Cold Traps collect evaporated liquid from the CentriVap Vacuum Concentrator, protecting the vacuum pump from corrosion

Series Models: -105°C Cold Trap, Ultra-Low Cold Trap, Cold Trap

FMS The EconoTrace Parallel SPE System

Also found In: Sample Preparation , Liquid Handling ,

The EconoTrace Parallel SPE System is designed to streamline your laboratory’s workflow and increase productivity by automating the manual steps in yo

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Questions for External Concentrators

Appears to work but no evaporation

I have an SpeedVac SVC100H. When I turn the vacuum on and spin the rotor (with lid shut), there is no evaporation of 1 ml water after 2 hours. Even...

Motor will not turn model AES 1000

the rotor motor on the AES 1000 will not spin. Lid switch is OK. No voltage going to motor . Anybody have a diagram of the main board SVCC 200? P/N...

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