Gilson 402 Syringe Pump

Available in both single and multiple syringe configurations, the 402 Syringe Pump allows systems to deliver both large and small volumes.

Thermo Scientific Accela 1250

Thermo Scientific Accela 1250 Pump is the quaternary solvent delivery solution for all HPLC and U-HPLC applications.

Shimadzu LC-20 Series

Also found In: , High Pressure Gradient

Performance in the micro-flow rate range less than 50uL/min has been improved in the LC-20AD/AB pumps. First, a new spring-loaded check valve design

Series Models: LC-20AD, LC-20AT, LC-20AB

Shimadzu LC-10AD

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Waters 600

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Model EP-1 Econo Pump

The patented Model EP-1 Econo pump is a two-channel, bidirectional, variable-speed peristaltic pump for low-pressure chromatography or for pumping

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Econo Gradient Pump

100/120 V, gradient pump for low-pressure protein purification, includes tubing and fittings kit

Hitachi Medical Systems L-2100 SMASH

Also found In: Isocratic , , High Pressure Gradient

The LaChrom Elite HPLC solvent delivery systems provide highly reproducible results over a wide range of flow rates.

Hitachi Medical Systems L-2130 HTA

Also found In: Isocratic , , High Pressure Gradient

The LaChrom Elite Solvent Delivery Modules provide precision, flexibility, and reliability for the most demanding HPLC applications.

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HPLC liquid chromatograph LC-10 AD user guide in english

HPLC liquid chromatograph LC-10 AD user guide in English I have it but in Japanese so please can you provide me with English one? Thanks

loss of system pressure over time

System primes well but system pressure varies by +/- 300 psi and shortly after gradient initiation ,within 3 to 5 min, pressure precipitously falls...



Lamp blinking

what can I do if the UV lamp blinks all the time  

Compatibility with 1100 autosampler

We are considering using a 1260 pump at 8000 psi (or higher) with an 1100 system. Will the injector and needle seat in the 1100 injector work with...

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