Gilson 171/172 Diode Array Detectors

UV-spectrum data for analytical and preparative applications.

Gilson 157/159 UV-VIS Detectors

Flexible monitoring of your HPLC run with up to four wavelengths simultaneously.

Series Models: 157 UV-VIS Detector, 159 UV-VIS Detector

Metrohm 887

Professional UV/VIS Detector

HP G1314A

G1314A Variable Wavelength Detector

HP 1050 DAD

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Questions for UV/VIS Detector

theoretical plates

we are using 1200 series along with chem station software. I am facing problem in software. our theoretical plates are very low but the other...

Time zone

Sir, I am from Bangladesh. Working at Gentry Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Currently I am operating HPLC CECIL 4201. I have changed the current...

Technical and user manual Varian 9050

Hello! I need the technical and user manual of the varian 9050. Can you support me? I would really appreciate...

SPD-M20A chromatogram through web browser

Does anyone know if it`s possible to see a chromatogram of an analysis through the web interface of SPD-M20A? Its IP address only shows the...

Cannot connect to CBM-20A

The spd-m20a is shown as an unregistered device in the cbm-20a web interface therefore I cannot configure it. Does anyone know how to register a...

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