Shimadzu CDD-10Avp

Conductivity Detector for HPLC System

Waters 2432 Conductivity Detector for HPLC Systems

The 2432 Conductivity Detector features a highly sensitive flow cell that offers exceptional stability and sensitivity for single-column ion

Waters 432 Conductivity Detector

Features a multi-electrode flow cell that offers exceptional sensitivity and stability for single-column or suppressor-based ion chromatography.

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Questions for Conductivity Detector

high conductivity and base

what is the  primary cause of high conductivity and base?

verifying the detector

Following the instructions for this in the manual, I set the temp to 35deg, then allow to equilibrate for 3 hours, base range set at 200, filter time...


We are having issues with the reproducibility of results for a product analyzed on this detector. Is this more likely product variability or lack of...

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