Shimadzu AOC-6000

Found In: Autosamplers

The AOC-6000 is capable of exchanging syringe modules automatically. Simply choose the injection and the AOC will pick the appropriate syringe.


Found In: Autosamplers

HT4000L is an HPLC autosampler for high presise injection into HPLC, UHPLC, LC/MS and IC systems.


Found In: Autosamplers

Is your HPLC routine calling for automation? Look no further than the HT1500L; an autosampler designed for HPLC, fully equipped with powerful

LECO Corporation L-PAL3 GC Autosampler

Found In: Autosamplers

Increase your lab productivity with LECO's exclusive L-PAL3 autosampler for our GC instrumentation. It offers increased vial capacity,

XOS Petra Series Autosampler

Found In: Autosamplers

S, Ni, V, and Fe Analysis of Crude Oil Using HDXRF

GBC Scientific LC1650 Autosampler

Found In: Autosamplers

The LC1650 Automated Chromatography Sample Introduction System (ACSIS) is a high performance autosampler with extended sample throughput and fast

Distek Eclipse 5300

Found In: Autosamplers

The Distek Eclipse 5300 Automated Dissolution Sampler offers rapid, accurate sampling using precision syringe pumps.

Agilent Technologies 1260 Infinity

Found In: Manual Injectors

1260 Infinity Manual Injector for low bench space footprint.

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