Agilent Technologies 1260 Infinity

1260 Infinity Manual Injector for low bench space footprint.

Waters Manual Injector Kit

A stand-alone version of Rheodyne's sample injector for analytical HPLC systems offering 11 interchangeable loops for flexibility and precision.

Waters FlexInject

FlexInject Manual Dual Injector Module

Gilson 841

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Hamilton Company Waters Manual Syringes

Syringes for U6K valve come with a 25s gauge needle specifically designed for this valve.        16 Syringes for Waters U6K Injection

PerkinElmer Rheodyne 7725/7725i

Rheodyne 7725 Injection Valve for Series 200 Autosampler

PerkinElmer 8125

Low-Dispersion Stainless Steel Injection Valve

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Urgently Required Proforma Invoice for Spares of Analytical Instruments.

Dear Sir/Madam,                                     ...

Rheodyne 3725 vs 9725 injector

We have purchased a Rheodyne 9725 injection valve for use in our system, but we would like to use a PEEK injection needle which requires a  16...

Rheodyne 7000

I replaced the rotor seals and the isolated ring of a rheodyne 7000 but now the valve does not click anymore when I switched between holes. Can you...

Rheodyne® 3-WAY SLIDER VALVE (#5301)

Rheodyne® 3-WAY SLIDER VALVE (#5301)    

peak gaussian factor

how do you calculate the peak gaussian factor using chemstation B.04.03 ?

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