EPPENDORF DNA LoBind Tubes and Plates

Also found In: , Centrifuge Tubes

DNA LoBind tubes improve recovery of nucleic acids by reducing their adsorption to the tube wall. A combination of special manufacturing technologies

Labconco CApture BT Benchtop CA

Also found In: Fume Hoods ,

The CApture™ BT is a spacious Cyanoacrylate (CA) evidence fuming chamber with a durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel liner.

UVP Handheld UV Lamps

Handheld UV Lamps (6 watts) are uniquely designed with an ergonomically designed handle. Select from longwave, midrange, shortwave or combination

Series Models: UVG-54, UVGL-55, UVGL-58, UVL-56, UVM-57, UVL-26

Phenom-World Temperature Controlled Sample Holder

Also found In: Microscope Accessories ,

Best control of sample humidity Reduced beam damage Preserves natural structure of samples

Phenom-World Motorized Tilt Rotation Sample Holder

Also found In: Microscope Accessories ,

Smart analysis of samples from all visible sides enables unique 3D images of samples

Spectronics Corporation CC-80 & CL-150 Series

Spacious UV Viewing Cabinet for Gel Analysis

Series Models: CC-80, CC-81, CL-150, CL-151

Air Science USA Safekeeper

Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinets

Series Models: FDC-003, FDC-006, FDC-006XL, FDC-007, FDC-008, FDC-010, FDC-11

Air Science USA Safefume™

Safefume™ Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers

Series Models: CA24S, CA30S, CA48S, CA60S

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Dir of Engineering, Skyline Productd

Is it possible to get this chamber with a UVB lamp (315nm to 290nm)?

Lamp UVP UVGL-55

Hello, I have a lamp UVGL-55 from UVP This lamp gives only a small amount of light. The question is how...


The Freezer Mill 6970, produces a lot of condensaton. I'm searching for a solution.


Is there any type of water collection system, that the 6970 can be placed on top of to collect the condensation the machine produces, that also...

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