Air Master Systems Gemini System

Found In: Tables / Workstations

The complete flexibility of the SolutionTM Series Gemini System (GS1/GS2) will handle a multitude of functions in a laboratory environment with

Hamilton Laboratory Solutions Panorama Steel Casework

Found In: Storage Cabinets

Panorama provides the industry's most comprehensive laboratory steel casework offering from a single platform.

Scientific Plastics Inc. Carboy Contain

Found In: Shelves

Designed to hold carboys up to 4 liters; and a one designed to accommodate carboys up to 20 liters. Each size can hold two carboys, side by side. Up

Baker HypoxyCOOL

Found In: Tables / Workstations

Accelerated Oxygen Conditioning for Tissue/Cell Culture Media

BenchPro Push Carts

Found In: Lab Carts

All Frame Welded.    1600# Wheel Capacity to Assure Ease of Travel.    Soft Urethane Wheels for Quiet Rolling, Even on Uneven Surfaces

BenchPro Solder Pallet Carts

Found In: Lab Carts

Safely stores hot or cold pallets built-in indexing.    Conductive zinc plated steel.    Drag chain for ESD protection.    Fully

BenchPro Open Top Cart

Found In: Lab Carts

Industry standard method for storing and handling of 19" rackmount chassis. Perfect for box build, final assembly, R&D, Burn-in, test, QA.   

BenchPro Adjustable Shelves and Carts

Found In: Lab Carts

Rails are adjustable on .5 spacing.    Conductive zinc plated steel.    Drag Chain for ESD Protection.    Casters prevent

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Sturdy table for an Orbital Shaker

Hello everyone! I am looking for a really (really!) sturdy table to hold our lab's orbital shaker. The table that we have currently cannot...

ergonomic seating

I'm looking for a seating solution at our benches that lack leg room. We stand for all activities, so I was looking for a chair that wouldn't...

Hanson 1 inch nylon roller bearings

Does anyone know a source for the nylon roller bearing used in older Hanson Lab Cabinet drawers, they are 1 inch and 1 1/8...

explanation of balanced budget multiplier

How to explained balanced budget multiplier(for variable income) in 3 sector ?cn anyone explained to me?thankyou


Looking for connectors to lab Frames which will hold resonably heavy ( 15 lbs +) equipment without sliding down the vertical rods

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