ZEISS Axio Observer

Superior Definition and Contrast: The Leap in Optical Performance

Mad City Labs INC. MCL-NSOM

The MCL-NSOM is a fully operational near field scanning optical microscope.

Nikon Eclipse Ti

Nikon's inverted microscope series positioned at the center of the most advanced bioscience imaging protocols.

Series Models: Ti-E, Ti-U, Ti-S

ZEISS Axiovert 40

The routine inverted microscope for cell biology

Nikon TMS-F

Nikon's CF (chromatic-abberation free) optics are packaged in this easy to operate and easy to maintain inverted microscope frame. Configured with 4x

Olympus IX83

The fully-motorised and automated inverted microscope system

Olympus CKX Series

Compact inverted microscope for routine use

Series Models: CKX41, CKX31

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Questions for Inverted Microscopes

Technical problems

Hello, I am using Agilent Technoligies 5500 AFM microscope (Model: N9451A) and have some problems. It is very complicated to approach the tip to...

Green fluorescence light

Green fluorescence is dark

Need a manual

Need a manual to troubleshoot this instrument.

Need a manual

Need a manual to troubleshoot this instrument.

Imaging quality

Dear Sir/ Madam, I used the Agilent Technology AFM 5500 machine to do surface characterization but the issue I am having currently is the image...

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