TILL Photonics Intravital2P

Dual-Color Two Photon Imaging with unmatched light collection efficiency.

Leica Microsystems DM3000

Uniquely ergonomic system microscope with intelligent automation enhances laboratory workflow Leica DM3000

Leica Microsystems DM4000 B

Automated Upright Microscope system for Life Science Research Leica DM4000 B

Leica Microsystems DM5000 B

Automated Upright Microscope System for Life Science Research Leica DM5000 B

Leica Microsystems DM6000 B and DM5500 B

Fully Automated Upright Microscope System for Cutting-edge Life Science Research

Leica Microsystems DM750 M

Shine a New Light on Your Samples - Perfect for Education, Materials, Inspection and Basic Metallography

Leica Microsystems DM750 P

Polarizing Microscope for a Student Friendly, more cost-Effective Classroom Environment

Leica Microsystems DM2500 M

Materials Analysis Microscope Improves Workflow

Leica Microsystems DM2500 P

Polarization Microscope for Basic Analysis in Transmitted and Reflected Light

Leica Microsystems DM500

“Plug and play” Compound Microscope Supports a Student Friendly Classroom Environment

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Questions for Upright Microscopes

slide holder

I need a new slide holder. Can I get one from you

about specification of camera attached in DM2500 M

please provide me the standard operating procedure for DM2500 M and also camera details of that?

Special Bulk Pricing Request

May I know if you ship internationally? Would you be able to offer at USD 520 per set for a 188 units order?

Coupling laser fibers to LSM 700

Howdy, How do I attach the laser heads to the scanning module? I know where they go and in what order, but it's not clear to me how to attach...

Flickering Illumination ON/OFF switch

After 5 years of using the microscope, I notice for the first time that the illumination ON/OFF switch is flickering. However, the lamp is still...

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