TILL Photonics Intravital2P

Dual-Color Two Photon Imaging with unmatched light collection efficiency.

Leica DCM8

Also found In: Confocal Microscopes ,

The latest evolution in non-contact 3D optical surface metrology.

Buehler Nikon Eclipse LV150N Upright Microscope

The Nikon Eclipse LV150N upright metallurgical microscope is a versatile upright microscope with LED illumination.

ZEISS Primotech

Your Clever Imaging Solution: Wireless-Controlled, and Easy to Use.

ZEISS Primo Star

High Performance for Education and the Laboratory - the student microscope of your choice

ZEISS Primo Star iLED

Also found In: , Fluorescence Microscopes

Continuing a tradition started by Robert Koch: Research tuberculosis with a microscope from Carl Zeiss


Laser microdissection for isolating high-purity tissue

ZEISS Axio Scope.A1

Axio Scope.A1 for Polarized Light Microscopy

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Questions for Upright Microscopes

Special Bulk Pricing Request

May I know if you ship internationally? Would you be able to offer at USD 520 per set for a 188 units order?

Coupling laser fibers to LSM 700

Howdy, How do I attach the laser heads to the scanning module? I know where they go and in what order, but it's not clear to me how to attach...

Flickering Illumination ON/OFF switch

After 5 years of using the microscope, I notice for the first time that the illumination ON/OFF switch is flickering. However, the lamp is still...

Transmitted light option for BX41 RF Model

Hello, can the BX41RF model be additionally fitted with transmitted light source options. Thanks.

Leica DM2500 objective DIC prism

Can you show me where the DIC prism is fixed in the objective. I know that there are IC prisms in the condenser but are there IC prism in the...

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