TILL Photonics Intravital2P

Dual-Color Two Photon Imaging with unmatched light collection efficiency.

Olympus BX41 LED Reflected Light Routine

The BX41RF-LED microscope is an economically designed microscope for the inspection of minute patterns and structures in electronic devices and

Nikon Eclipse 50i

A clinical microscope with the ideal combination of ergonomics, optics and digital imaging capabilities.

Nikon Eclipse 55i

An advanced clinical microscope engineered for sophisticated observations over long hours of use.

Nikon Eclipse 80i

Digital microscopy and digital imaging combine to produce picture-perfect results.

Nikon Eclipse LV100 POL

Advanced polarized light microscopy under both diascopic and episcopic illumination.

ZEISS Primo Star

High Performance for Education and the Laboratory - the student microscope of your choice

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Questions for Upright Microscopes

slide holder

I need a new slide holder. Can I get one from you

about specification of camera attached in DM2500 M

please provide me the standard operating procedure for DM2500 M and also camera details of that?

Special Bulk Pricing Request

May I know if you ship internationally? Would you be able to offer at USD 520 per set for a 188 units order?

Coupling laser fibers to LSM 700

Howdy, How do I attach the laser heads to the scanning module? I know where they go and in what order, but it's not clear to me how to attach...

Flickering Illumination ON/OFF switch

After 5 years of using the microscope, I notice for the first time that the illumination ON/OFF switch is flickering. However, the lamp is still...

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