HP 7673B

The automatic liquid sampler works with the PrepStation system to automate sample preparation procedures. The automatic liquid sampler will become a

HP 19395A

An automatic equilibrium headspace sampler.

OI Analytical 4551A Purge-and-Trap

The Model 4551A Purge-and-Trap Water Autosampler achieves results by automating VOC analysis of up to 51 samples. Vertical docking of the autosampler

Buck Scientific Vacuum Pump Interface for external mount with pump

Draw air samples through traps or load the loop of a gas sampling valve  Enables Data System Control of an external vacuum pump

Buck Scientific Thermal Soil Desorber

The Buck Thermal Desorber permits volatile and semi-volatile compounds in soil, or other solid matrices, to be injected and analyzed with little or

Buck Scientific PTV - Programmable Temperature Vaporization Injector

The Programmable Temperature Vaporization (PTV) option adds ballistic heating capability to the Heated Split/Splitless injector in order to

Buck Scientific Peltier CryoCooled Trap for Gas Sampling Valve

The CryoCooled Peltier Trap can cool samples down to -15°C. It is designed for use with analytes that do not trap well but can enrich in cold

Buck Scientific Online Sampler/Sparger for HRVOC GC

The Online Sampler/Sparger is designed for use with the HRVOC GC system. It allows online sampling of cooling tower water and other liquids. The

Buck Scientific Online Liquid Sampler for Purge & Trap

The Online Sampler for Purge & Trap is designed for applications where a single water stream needs to be measured automatically and repeatedly by

Buck Scientific On-Column Injector

The on-column injector's low mass and small size ensure that the injector body temperature closely follows the column oven temperature.   

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Autosampler droppnig vials

I have a G1513A autosampler and the arm keeps either dropping vials or being unable to pick them up.  If I switch out the tray and armsthe...

Agilent 7693A Tower Fan

Can the tower fan in an Agilent 7693A ALS be changed in-house?  I cannot find the replacement fan # or instructions in any of the Agilent manuals

AOC-20i Auto

Hallo I have GCMS QP2010 SE gas Chromatography with An AOC-20i Auto injector i got always the error (-11) means that the injector not installed...

Error message -11

Hallo I have GCMS QP2010 SE gas Chromatography with An AOC-20i Auto injector i got always the error (-11) means that the injector not installed...

Reset the autosampler Agilent Technology 7693

The autosampler doesn't work correctly. It moves but don't take the grille to destination. I think it have to be reset. How to do it...

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