Bruker Corporation Alpha ll

The ALPHA II is a very compact FTIR spectrometer for quick, easy and reliable IR analysis. The design of its hard- and software are highly integrated

Thermo Scientific Nicolet Continuµm

Thermo Scientific* Nicolet* Continuµm Infrared Microscope sets the standard for FT-IR microspectroscopy—from electronics failure analysis, to crime

Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN 10 MX

Infrared Microscope combines exceptional power and next-generation software in a productive and cost-effective microspectroscopy package.

Bruker Corporation HYPERION Series

The HYPERION is the culmination of more than 25 years of experience in FT-IR microscopy.

Series Models: HYPERION 1000, HYPERION 2000, HYPERION 3000

Horiba LabRAM IR2

The LabRAM IR2 system combines true confocal Raman microscopy and complementary FTIR microspectroscopy on a single system.


Multi-channel array FTIR Microscope


The IRT-5000 FT-IR Microscope employs a mid-band MCT detector as standard, while up to two detectors can be installed simultaneously.

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Transmision - Reflection beamspliter not working Nicolet iN10

I have no signal on the detector. The software do not control any more the spectrometer. I do not hear the click of Transmision - Reflection...

USB Camera

Can anybody tell me who makes the USB camera used in the spotlight FTIR microscopes? thanks

BioRad FTS-40 / UMA 300A Users Manuals

We need the users manuals for the BioRad FTS-40 and UMA 300A microscope.

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