Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

Psyche Systems LabTEN

The Laboratory Test Exchange Network (LabTEN) seamlessly routes various types of testing from your laboratory to the appropriate testing locations or

Agilent Technologies OpenLAB Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) 4.1

Capture results from nearly any instrument and store in context.

Series Models: OpenLAB ELN 4.2

Agilent Technologies Kalabie

The Kalabie Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) is a paperless lab archive with a scalable, integrated platform for cross-team collaboration.

LabGuru Lab Management Software

Labguru is a fresh approach for doing research: Meet the challenges of running a research group - from vision to execution, from knowledge to logistic

LabArchives Electronic Lab Notebook

LabArchives is the most innovative laboratory notebook software and electronic lab notebook available.

irisnote Scientific Resource Management

Scientific Resource Management platform is a scalable, affordable, open-architecture solution for managing and protecting institution knowledge.

Contur Software iLabber

iLabber is an ELN system which is easy to use and the flexible architecture enables rapid deployment and cost effective operation.

Contur Software ConturELN™

ConturELN – The user-friendly, flexible and secure Electronic Lab Notebook

Systat Software Inc SigmaCERF

An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) platform, lets users organize their thoughts, ideas and data into the real research story - much as a paper notebook

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what is the ConturELN?If anyone face printer issue clicks here

Having issue with some users in which the font/text/display is stretched or too small.

Having issue with some users in which the font/text/display is stretched or too small.  Any ideas on optimal display settings for EWB 10.2.2

E-notebook cambrigs soft substitute

Hello! I use E-notebook from Perkin-Elmer (formerly Cambridge soft) to manage project data in a standalone fashion.   Due to the pricing...


I want to know if you need the internet with this note book and is it good for making appointments.

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