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Questions for Differential Scanning Calorimetry


I have a DSC 131 evo but when i carry out a experiment have a message " the apparatus DSC 131 evo- No option is not connected"; and when i...


I  recently moved the DSC 6000 and connected everything now I am getting an error stating: The port timed out.  THe analyzer is turned off...

error in NanoDSC function program

For a NanoDSC calorimeter Model 6300 (TA Instruments) with cell’s volume of 300 µl the following message appears even when in the cells...


Dear sir, We have your instrument DSC-60 and During Calibration One calibration parameter i.e. Sensitivity Test did not meet the acceptance...

maximum cooling rate

What is the maximum cooling rate if connected to chiller which is set at -20c?

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